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DMH enables you to grow your mindset to a win your freedom


Let's grow with our Financial Services

At DOMAH HOLDINGS, we have the investment consulting services that will help you reach your financial goals.

Our investment consulting firm features a team of skilled advisors who know what it takes to create the best strategy for you.

Financial Portfolio & Advise

As an individual, your investment portfolio is important, but managing it is even more crucial. With a well-organized portfolio, you can maximize your returns and reach your investment goals.

Private Mentoring

Our lives and financial situations are constantly evolving — and with change comes an increased need for effective financial adjustments. It’s time to engage a talented private mentor.

Our Goal

Boost your financial mindset

Developing and sustaining a competitive business model, properly financing your business, maintaining successful relationships with personnel, navigating family disagreements, staying ahead of the competition and finally monetizing or passing along the business to the next generation are just a few of your challenges.

Financial management is crucial to business success, but not everyone knows where to start or how to proceed. As a business owner, you already have many responsibilities on your plate, so the added task of financial planning can take away from other high-priority duties. But with professional investment advisors, you can get the assistance you need to do both.

Entrepreneurs are always receiving advice, but for most business leaders, the advice is bad and unsolicited. This leads to isolation, poor decision making and business failure. If you don’t regularly seek advice on how to grow your company, your business will likely be a statistic. The solution is to  hire us as private mentors.

Reframe your financial future

We won’t throw around jargon, charts, or invoices that you don’t understand. We provide consistent, reliable advice to help you reach your financial goals while educating you along the way.

Analytics training

Empower your everyday job with data management skills

Legal Solutions

We guarantee a tailor-made, efficient and optimal service

Wealth Management

Our team wants to manage your assets and investments


We are helping clients build stronger and more sustainable financial services.

If you have goals you’d like to achieve for yourself, your family, or an organization special to you, Domah Holdings is ready to help. 

Ernestine MATJABO Google

DMH supported me in setting up my EKO educational project and structured all the financial engineering. This allowed me to recalibrate my recovery plan.

Irene OCHEM Apple

DMH supported me in mentoring 130 young female entrepreneurs from 9 African nationalities. AWIEF is satisfied with the partnership for digital skills and mentoring.


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